Excellence in Metal Processing  |  Lyons, New York

Welcome to Weslor Enterprises, Inc., your premier source for steel, aluminum and stainless steel fabrication. Based in central New York State, we have the experts, equipment and capability to provide services to your plant regardless of the size or complexity of the job. In addition to providing excellent service to local customers in Rochester, Buffalo and Syracuse, Weslor works with hundreds of satisfied clients throughout the United States.

At Weslor, we pride ourselves on the ability to carry your project through the entire process: from initial concepts and drawings, to fabrication, and final delivery or installation. Weslor’s experienced personnel and advanced equipment allow us to specialize in creating solutions and optimizing processes for our customers.

Weslor offers a full spectrum of services including engineering, machining, cutting, rolling, forming, welding, and powder coating. Visit our Capabilities page for descriptions and videos on each of our core competencies.